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What is Atlas.ti?

ATLAS.ti bridges human expertise with AI efficiency, offering up to 10x faster qualitative insights without sacrificing scientific rigor. Simply engage in dynamic conversations with your documents, guide automatic analysis tools based on your goals, and gain customized results in no time. The AI suggests, but you always remain in control.

From OpenAI-powered AI features to comprehensive multi-media analysis and stateof- the-art visualization – ATLAS.ti Desktop empowers your entire research workflow on Windows and macOS. Make sense of research data rapidly. ATLAS.ti streamlines qualitative analysis through intuitive tools to annotate, code, and visualize connections in your material. The interactive margin area keeps key insights handy for incorporating into reports. Share projects seamlessly between Windows, Mac, and the Web version.

Import and organize your data

ATLAS.ti is the only QDA software that provides all-in-one access to desktop versions for Windows and Mac as well as a Web version, regardless of the license (semester, student, single-user, multi-user or campus license)*. Our mobile apps for field research on Android and iPad are available for unlimited use in addition to every license at no extra cost.

Analyze and refine your data

AAnyone can take control of their qualitative analysis without prior knowledge: edit content, refine, and structure your data the way you need. Simply use codes to tag qualitative insights, and embrace automatic AI features AI plus team collaboration for lightning-speed outcomes.

Visualize and share your insights

Let your data speak and get a deep understanding of the meaning behind your research findings. With ATLAS.ti, you can share your insights through clear visualizations that turn dull numbers into eye-opening results – presenting your conclusions with confidence.

Team Collaboration in Real-Time

Seamlessly collaborate and synchronize projects across teams and departments. See team member assignments at a glance. Pool resources, distribute tasks, and speed up data analysis.

  • ATLAS.ti & OpenAI

    Elevate your research with our OpenAIenhanced software for up to 10X efficiency.

  • Access All Platforms

    Secure instant access to our native desktop apps for Mac and Windows

  • Integration

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Yes, you can. You can install and run the software in maximum two computers. However, it will work in one computer at a time.

Basically, all licenses offer the same technical functionality; they differ only in their access rights, i.e. the number of authorized users, and permitted duration of use. There are a number of different variations, combining options to purchase, lease and/or obtain single or multi-user licenses. With proper credentials (subject to approval), discounted licenses are available for students and persons affiliated with educational institutions.

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