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Understand the meaning of Acca insurance

Advice on acca
Accumulator bets allow people to bet on different results for different events, thus increasing the potential winnings.

The meaning of Acca insurance

Advice on acca betting

Combine several single bets into one – so you get an acca bet. If all events in this chain are guessed, the bookmaker will multiply the odds and pay the total winnings. If at least one of the events does not happen, the “express” will lose, and your bet will be picked up by the bookmaker. How to prevent yourself from losing?

– Analyze events
Banal advice, but be sure to analyze the events before making a bet. The mechanical addition of events to the accumulator creates the illusion of a large coefficient, but rapidly increases the risk of failure.

– Do 2-3 events on the chain
Try not to collect long accumulator chain. The optimal number of events for a union is not more than three. Even if you have conducted an in-depth analysis, something can always go wrong. It is better to collect several equivalent one than one big.

– Do not pursue a favorite
A typical mistake for beginners is an attempt to collect a long acca from events with low coefficients. But the more you add events, the higher is the probability of failure.

Importance of acca insurance

Now the player has the opportunity to insure the placed bet, if he doubts that the bet will play. In other words, in case of loss of the insured rate, the client of the office receives the part that he insured.

So, how does acca insurance work? This service of acca insurance is paid, and its cost will depend on the coefficient for the sporting event, which offers a betting operator at the time of insurance rates. This function can be used by the client only for rates such as ordinary and express, other types of insurance rates are not subject to insurance.
At the request of the participant of the bet, he can insure both the entire bet and any part of it. Thus, for the same bet bettor can purchase several insurance. For example, initially insure the placed rate by 15%, then by 25%, and then by another 55%. It is worth noting that, depending on the current value of the coefficient, the cost of insurance can vary. The total amount of all purchased insurance can not exceed 100% of the insured rate.

In case when the bet played, the player will get a profit minus the amount of the insurance. In the opposite situation when the rate lost, the player will just lose the amount of insurance and not the whole money bet.

April 22, 2017

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