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The Downsides of In-Play Betting

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Whether you are choosing to bet on sports through the usual way or you want to try other betting options like in-play or live betting, it is wise to know their advantages, but it is wiser to know their downsides. Knowing the downsides of live betting will save you from disappointment because you know what to expect from it already. It’s true that live betting has its advantages but there are also downsides to this method.

Spontaneous Betting

When you bet through in-play betting, you usually make on-the-spot bets or bets during the event, so you don’t really have time to think or plan your bets carefully. Yes, there may be odds shown but since the race is already going on, you rarely have time to take time thinking your bets through. Gamblers are mostly pressured to place their bets and this increases the risk of making rush and wrong betting decisions.

No Winning Guarantee

Just because there is an increased chance of winning through live betting, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed a win. You could also lose your bets as chances of making mistakes in reading the changing odds are also possible.

More Addictive

Gambling, in general, is a very addictive activity. With in-play betting, gambling becomes even more addictive because of the added thrill and excitement it offers.

Watching the Game is required

Live or in-play betting is not for those who want to bet but going to be busy with other things. It requires gamblers to watch the game so you can see how the odds change and decide if you are going to push through with your initial bet or change it.

Mental Skills and Strategies are required

With live betting, horse race betting will be a fast-paced activity for you. Therefore, it is not for slow bettors. It requires you to have the skills and focus to analyze odds well, make fast-paced betting decisions as well as come up with strategies on how you can place the right bets under pressure and with such a small amount of time.

With these downsides of live betting, it clearly is not for everybody. So, before you decide to do it, it is important to evaluate yourself first if you are mentally and emotionally up to it or if you are better off sticking to the traditional betting you are used to.

Most of all, make sure that you are dealing with the top online bookmakers who can give you accurate odds that will help you keep up with the game.

April 14, 2017

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