terms & Conditions

1. Terms of service use

The users are request to follow the guidelines while registering for services or trainng programs. The registration to a training program will be considered final only after the realization of payment.


Our data analysis services come with analytic and interpretation option and charges will be seperate for both. In case user pays only for the analysis and he requests the interpretation as well then he has to pay the agreed upon charges for the same.


2. Refund Policy

We refund the amount taken for data analysis if within 1 monthy if its proven that analysis was done wrong or wrong research method was employed.


Our training program come with 15 day refund in case a candidate wants to take refund.


For outstation training programs the organizer has to pay the travelling and lodging cost.


3. Subsidiary Policy

Heurexler will be authorized to receive payment on behalf of its subsidiary Psychologika (www.psychologika.in) and any refund for Psychologika will be processed by Heurexler.


4. Feedback Policy

All the customers availing training and data analysis services of customer has to give feedback so that we can constantly improve our services.