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At Heurexler a team of highly dedicated research professionals offer all the data treatment, forecasting and training that you need to create your blue oceans. If data fascinates you and given a choice you intend to build your soul with high speed processors then we have a chemistry.

Contact for indepth research oriented training courses for corporates, institutes and groups

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Target Group


IBM SPSS Foundation Training


Those looking to build a solid foundation in data analysis using SPSS from scratch

IBM SPSS Advanced Analytics Training


Those who have experience with SPSS and now want to learn advacned analytical techniques to upgrade their skills and career

Structural Equation Modelling using AMOS


Those who want to learn SEM from scratch and apply it in their research

Psychometric Test Development using SPSS, AMOS & R


Especially designed for Psychometricians who are looking to develop a capacity of independent construction and standardization of Psychological tests and scales

Statistical Analysis using SAS: Foundation Course


Those who are looking to learn SAS from scratch for their research and make a career in quantitative analysis. Course covers all the topics of SPSS Foundation Course

Qualitative Data Analysis using MAXQDA: Foundation Course


Those looking to learn qualitative data analysis from scratch using industry leading MAXQDA software

Qualitative Data Analysis using Atlas.ti: Foundation Course


Those looking to learn qualitative data analysis from scratch using Atlas.ti software

Using Thomson Reuters Endnote for Research Reference Building


Those looking to learn industry leading Endnote for building references from scratch and publish fast


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Registration open for Certificate Training Program in SPSS. Click below to see the details

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