data analysis

Data is the raw material for the modern business and research. Data collected on the basis of sound research principles will be the key driver of economic growth and competitive edge. At Heurexler, we scientifically collect, organize and analyse data to offer you the best insight of your business project, consumer behaviour, and future markets. We offer data services to both corporates and academicians/ researchers.

Data Analytics services at Heurexler include the following:

1. Setting Objectives:

Based on your requirements we mutually work to set the objectives of research work and assist in data collection as per your choice.

2. Quantitative Data Analysis:

This incluides univariate and multivariate statistical data analysis. The choice of a statistical test depends upon the nature of research work at hand and its objectives.

3. Qualitative Data Analysis:

We use latest technologies to do qualitative analysis of the research work at hand. We adopt a right balance of both quantitative and qualitative techniques to put the research question at hand in right perspective.

4. Reporting & Preparation of Final Draft:

This final step includes and expert review followed by preparation of final draft in the appropriate format (for academic projects we adhere to norms prescribed by American Psychological Association) and its presentation.